Key Points

  • Globant’s Sentinel Report on the Metaverse
  • Summarizes the Metaverse as a shared 3D experience or an embodied, virtual version of the internet.
  • Neal Stephenson was the first to coin the word metaverse in his novel Snow Crash, describing a virtual shared space where humans navigate in the form of avatars.
  • It’s predicted that the metaverse market size will reach $800 billion by 2024, and as a result, the metaverse will create 10,000 jobs over five years.
  • Avatars will emerge as digital identities, an extension of ourselves in the virtual space.
  • Investing in gaming will become a huge focal point for many organizations.
  • Interoperability is crucial to connect multiple metaverse projects so that users can enjoy a unified experience while participating in numerous socio-cultural activities, just as it happens in the real world
  • Digital twins in the Metaverse are the digital representation of synchronized entities from the real world.
  • Blockchain technology, a fundamental building block for the metaverse, enhances security and lowers risk when buying or selling digital assets like NFTs.

I would say that the metaverse itself is like a reinvention of the internet. The internet is already a reinvention; it’s how technology changed businesses, and now it is being reinvented. The next generation of that internet is what we call the metaverse. 

Martín Migoya, Globant CEO & Co-founder

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