Key Points

  • The Metaverse will create millions of jobs over the next decade.
  • Many of these jobs do not even exist today and will emerge from new technologies and new business models.
  • Not all of the work centered around the Metaverse will occur within it. Much of it will involve connecting the nuts and bolts that keep it turning — coders, designers, testers, and developers. 
  • Real estate: Virtual land is already selling for millions of dollars in metaverse worlds such as The Sandbox and Decentraland.
  • Fashion: From Louis Vuitton to Nike and Gucci, fashion brands are clamoring to catch a slice of the Metaverse action.
  • Music: As much a boon to independent artists as it is to major labels
  • Movies: Technology is a double-edged sword, creating new opportunities while destroying others. 

The greatest promise the Metaverse holds, however, is not the ability for humans to don lurid skins and twerk as one in virtual concert halls. Rather, it is for these same people to obtain meaningful employment in worlds, realms and spaces across the Metaverse that will form the beating heart of Web3. 

Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin

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